Series 1 - ironlak fineliner 0.4mm set

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Series 1 - ironlak fineliner 0.4mm set

Ironlak Fineliners 0.4mm - Up Close and Personal

Every creative pursuit requires a different set of tools, and selecting the right one for the job is integral to the creation to rich compelling works. It doesn’t matter if it’s a masterful illustrative piece, or a simple sketch – the right choice of artistic instrument can elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary. Ironlak’s range of Fineliners are created specifically for detailed applications, with a 0.4mm nib that allows you to get up close and personal with your work. Whether you’re adding the finishing touches to a blackbook burner, or you simply want to personalise your to-do list – our Fineliners will be the perfect addition to your artistic toolkit.


  • Water based dye ink
  • Strong metal-clad tip
  • 32 vibrant colours
  • Bleedproof
  • Aeroplane safe
  • Water Based Dye Ink - Stay fluid

    Ironlak Fineliners use a non-toxic, water based ink that allows for dynamic strokes on paper. Whereas other styles of ink are susceptible to colour bleed, water based systems suspend the milled pigment in liquid for sharp and crisp lines. Ironlak Fineliners are fully compatible with alcohol based systems (including Ironlak Strikers), so you are free to add intricate detailing to larger works without worry. Create depth and shading in colourful illustrations, add flourishes to tattoo flash, or simply jot down a note mid-brainstorm – our Fineliners have a multitude of creative applications. For best results, use with Ironlak Bleedproof or Watercolour Pads.

    Vibrant Colours - Reveal your true colours

    Ironlak Fineliners are available in 32 individual colours, so no matter what you need – there’s always a hue at hand. From Avocado Green to Blood Orange, Deep Fuchsia to Aquamarine Blue, there’s a veritable rainbow of expression for you to draw on. Layer colours to create unique finishes, add textural highlights to illustrative works with lighter tones, or simply sketch out the framework of ideas quickly in trusty black – with a full palette the choice is yours.

    Strong Metal-clad Tip - Delicate yet unbreakable

    Each Fineliner is constructed from a moulded PP triangular barrel, a design that’s both sturdy and practical. The ergonomic shape allows you to grip the markers comfortably for extended periods of times without fatigue. The form-factor also has the added bonus of preventing the Fineliners from rolling off a surface, meaning that they’re great for creating while commuting. From short suburban train rides to long flights, take creative advantage of downtime with the Ironlak range. Each marker comes reinforced with a metal-clad tip that hold the 0.4mm nib in place – ensuring that heavy-handed illustrators can draw without worry

    Aeroplane Safe - Sketch up and fly right

    When you’re flying, it pays to be prepared – and keeping creative tools at hand is a must. Stave off boredom and let your mind roam freely as you fly among the clouds. The PP moulded Fineliner markers are totally safe to use at altitude, and their low-profile, ergonomic design means that they’ll slip easily into your carry-on luggage for in-flight creativity. Turn commuting time into productive hours – draw freely, sketch up plans, or jot down ideas – no matter whether you’re flying for work, or for pleasure.

    Directions For Use - For Best Results

  • Works well with alcohol based markers such as Ironlak Strikers
  • Take care when layering colours on paper when still wet. An oversupply of waterbased ink will saturate paper and could cause the surface to tear or ripple
  • If many coats are necessary, use Ironlak Strikers
  • After use, replace lid tightly