Ironlak Artists Heavy Body Acrylics 60ml

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Ironlak Artists Heavy Body Acrylics 60ml

Bring Your Ideas to Life.

Ironlak’s Acrylic Artists’ Colour range is a professional grade paint, designed with your artistic needs in mind. The vivid colours are highly pigmented, allowing you to shape and create beautiful acrylic works on a variety of surfaces. The thick and creamy texture of the paint makes application a breeze, and allows for experimentation with different techniques. Paint with a brush or palette knife, layer it thick or feather it lightly across a canvas – the choice is entirely yours. The colours available are fully compatible with each other – allowing you to create a custom colour range that reflects your personal style. Be true to you, and create something totally unique.

Thick and Creamy Texture - Lay it on

Painting is a tactile expression, and the textural properties of the Heavy Body Artists’ Acrylic Colour range make it a dream. The paint thickness aids in application to your surface, whether you’re painting with a soft brush or a knife. Build and layer the paint to create dynamic finishes or colour expressions, with the assurance that your work will retain its vitality and brilliance. The paint can also be mixed with Ironlak mediums, or diluted with water, to create a wide range of tonal effects. It’s touch dry in 30 minutes, so you’ll spend less time waiting between applications.

Highly Pigmented - Vivid vitality

Our acrylic range is made with a high pigment load for bold and vivid colour. Whether you’re painting with brilliant reds, deep blues, or vibrant yellows – you’ll see the highly opaque results. The Artists’ Acrylic line dries to a semi-gloss finish, creating a natural lustre that adds depth to your work. Block out large sections of dynamic colour, or thin the paint for transparent washes and effects. Our colour coverage is paramount, so you can confidently layer paints on top of each other for all new compositions and colour-work.

Acrylic Resin - Stay flexible

The Ironlak Acrylic range employs a uniquely blended acrylic emulsion resin. The inclusion of our proprietary resin means the paint will retain pliability on the canvas for an extended period, allowing you to work it on the medium without fear of setting. Push the paint to its limits by re-working sections, and exceed what you thought was possible. Once dry, the paint film maintains a degree of elasticity – perfect for applications on surfaces, like canvas, that are prone to changing shape over time. It’s also totally lightfast thanks to professional UV-stable pigments, so you can rest assured that your work will keep shining for years to come.